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Basic SysAdmin linux commands part 1

#1: top => Process Activity Command The top provides a real-time process activity. It displays by default the most CPU consuming tasks runnning and it refreshs every 3 seconds. There are some interactive commands very interesting d: Delay time can be … Continue reading

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Small VB Script to send email with attachment

Open notepad and save the file as .VBS const cdoBasic=1 schema = “” Set objEmail = CreateObject(“CDO.Message”) With objEmail .From = “” .To = “” .Subject = “Events for ” & date .Textbody = “logs ” & Chr(10) & “email” … Continue reading

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how to measure disk performance ?

I found a freeware utilility Nbench, It’s good only to measures perfomance and doesn’t solve problems or give advise how to make proper adjustements. Download Nbench here and follow the instruction below Select Setup, and set the following parameters: disk … Continue reading

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Enterprise class versus desktop class hard drives

With my company we started consuming a lot of hard drives lately and the question was  : Why we should buy enterprise class hard drives when we can buy the same capacity for less money (desktop class hard drives) ? … Continue reading

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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are we going for it?

Next week I will be on the VDI Bootcamp (organized by Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix). When trying to understand the concept that is not very complicated i found this article very intersting read here.  

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Installing flash player problem on Windows 2003

Some time you can have encounter some problem installing Flash Player on windows 2003. You can download this version and normally it works (download here)

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Even the CH Confederation is advising on the SEO strategy

Unfortunally this link is in french or german but is very usefull here or donwload the PDF directly here. In my quest to optimize the SEO on google SERB I found this document very useful.

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Dreambox 600 pvr -s -t -c, Gemini, Cccam

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