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Update Policy

Tuesday update policy ….. Never Mondays, because some big organisations have IT rules that set Mondays aside for clearing up any crises that might have happened over the immediately preceding weekend. Never Fridays, in case of any crises that might … Continue reading

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Who do I want to be during COVID19 ?

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Oath2 protocol in grant flow

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JSON WEB TOKEN xxx.yyy.zzz xxx => header consist in 2 parts : the type of the toker which is JWT and the signing algorithm being used, such as HMAC SHA256 or RSA. Ex:  { “alg”: “HS256”, “typ”; “JWT” } And … Continue reading

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Install Ruby on Rails in MacOS

1) configure nano .bash_profile export PATH=”$PATH:/Users/drini/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin/:usr/local/mysql/bin” need to re-open the terminal in order the change to take in the account 2) install XCode because we neeed to use the compiler GCC xcode-select –install check if the gcc is installed by … Continue reading

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Integrate S/MIME Certificates with Microsoft Outlook

First of all you can obtain the the certificate from the following address strongly recommended to use internet explorer When you receive the certificate under name.cer you need to convert it before creating the digital identity under outlook, so … Continue reading

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How to crop, size and postion filters

select video clip Select filter click on the plus icon and then on the show video icon select crop select options select video clip options  

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Video Producing

Technical Decisions to address before video capture Aspection ration 16:9 or 4:3 Interlaced vs progressive Frame Rates 24 fps / 30 fps / 60 fps Frame size DIT => Digital Imaging Tech BTS => Behind The Scenes

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Word protected file with password, how to remove protection

rename the file extension from .doc or .docx to .zip open the new .zip file and under the folder /word delete the settings.xml files another option will be to edit the settings.xml and and change the w:enforcement=”1″ to w:enforcement=”on”, (or … Continue reading

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Linux Privacy distros

Linux kodachi Subgraph OS Tails Whonix Tens

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