flush a fortinet 60

First of all you need a TFTP server (SolarWinds) and an HyperTerminal, if you are under windows 7 (download HyperTerminal Private Edition)

Terminal client communication parameters:

8 bits
no parity
1 stop bit
9600 baud (the FortiGate-300 uses 115,000 baud)
Flow Control = None

Steps to load the firmware image (download firmware from (ftp://pftpintl:F0rt1intl@support.fortinet.com/ or login: pftpintl pass :F0rt1intl)
1 – Connect the computer to the FortiGate unit using the null modem cable.
2 – Connect the computer running the TFTP server to the FortiGate unit. Use the table below to determine which port to connect to.
FortiGate Model                                  Interface 50, 50A, 100, 200, 300, 500, 800, 800F            Internal 50B, all 60 models, 100A, 200A                    Internal port 1100A, 200A (If Internal Port1 does not work)      Internal port 4 300A, 310A, 400, 400A, 500A, 1000 and higher      LAN port 1
3 – Restart the Fortigate.
4 – When the console displays “Press any key to display configuration menu…” press the spacebar or any other key.
5 – If the menu includes Format boot device [F] press F and wait for the device formatting to complete.
6 – Press G to start firmware download. The console displays:
Enter TFTP server address []:
7 – Type the IP address of the computer running the TFTP server and press Enter.The console displays:
Enter Local Address []:
8 – Type an unused IP address that is on the same subnet as the TFTP server and press Enter.The console displays:
Enter File Name [image.out]:
9 – Type the firmware image file name and press Enter.The console periodically displays a “#” (pound or hash symbol) to show the download progress. When the download completes, the console displays a message similar to:
Save as Default firmware/Run image without saving:[D/R]
10 – Press D.
The FortiGate unit installs the new firmware image and restarts. The installation may take a few minutes to complete.

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