Hiren’s boot cd installation on a usb stick

Step1: Formating USB Flash Drive (download USB Disk Storage Format)

I have tried with 8 Gb Disk, attention if it is more then 4GB you have to chose Fat32, this is because of the limitation of FAT

Step2: Installing Grub4Dos to USB Flash Drive (Download grub4dos.zip)

chose the disk and under Part List chosse Whole disk (MBR), please user refresh button to make appear this options

Step3: Copy Files to USB Flash Drive

I extracted the Iso files of Hirens BootCD and copied on the USB the following files :

autorun.inf, changes.txt, HBCD Menu.cmd, HBCD.txt

and the HBCD Folder, this can be find at the root folder.

And don’t forget to the root folder of the usb  the 2 other files grldr and menu.lst, you can find them under /HBCD

your usb root folder should look like this


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