how to measure disk performance ?

I found a freeware utilility Nbench, It’s good only to measures perfomance and doesn’t solve problems or give advise how to make proper adjustements.

Download Nbench here and follow the instruction below

  • Select Setup, and set the following parameters:
    • disk I/O file size (MBytes): (at least: ) 100
    • execution thread count: 1
    • set disk: <drive containing the storage location> e.g: dÂ
    • Click on OK
  • Start the test by clicking on: Run -> Disk I/O.
    • a single threaded measurement takes place
    • Usually values around “70” for read and “60” for write indicate good performance. Values should not be lower than 25 in a single thread.
  • Select Setup again, and change the parameters:
    • execution thread count: 5
    • set disk: make sure the correct drive is selected for all 5 threads, e.g: ddddd
    • Click on OK
  • Start the test again by clicking on: Run -> Disk I/O.
    • multithreaded test is taking place
    • Notice the decrease in performance. Threshold values are currently unknown, but should be as high as possible.
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