Linux filesystem

tree -C -L 1 /

├── bin
├── boot
├── dev
├── disksafe
├── etc
├── home
├── lib
├── lib64
├── lost+found
├── media
├── mnt
├── opt
├── proc
├── root
├── sbin
├── selinux
├── srv
├── sys
├── tmp
├── usr
└── var

directory descrription

/ root, highest level in the hierarchy
/bin command binaries (grep, awk, etc)
/boot bootloader, kernel
/dev system device(disk => sda, sda1 disk 1 slice or partiton 1)
/etc system configuration files
/home user home directories
/lib libraries for system binaries
/media mount point for removable media
/opt third-party software package
/proc /run system and process information
/root root user home folder
/run information about running process
/sbin system binaries
/srv files for various services
/sys similar to /proc on different format
/tmp temporary files
/usr another place for application
/var variables fiels (system logs)

* reference

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